Gary Sumner in the late 70's at the age of 24, became a freelance photographer. His career began to take off travelling & touring with Classic Rock bands. He eagerly absorbed everything around him, shooting below some of the biggest stages, touring with buses, Hotels, on stage, back stage, sound checks with big named acts around North America. This taught him, from the school of hard knox about lighting, and interacting with people. celebrating 45 years as a freelance photographer.

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Understanding Copyright and Photography.

To keep it simple, whoever creates the image and owns either a negative, slide, or electronic file is the person that owns the Copyright. This extends through the life of the photographer and can even be passed down through the family. This protects the photographer from anyone else making copies of there work.

Please understand this!
Simply saying "I bought this photograph, then I can do anything I want to with it". I can even sell it at a profit. That's not quite true! Yes, you purchased my image. Gary Sumner's limited edition signed prints are always increasing in value, These images are over 40 yrs. old. The problem would be the purchaser making copies of the image, AND SELLING THOSE FOR A PROFIT.


All Photographs on our sites have COPYRIGHTS ©

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Brian Adams, lights,  Kelowna 2015ACDC, Brian Jonson & Malcom Young, Montreal 1980Bruce Springsteen & E St. Band, Toronto 1979Burton Cummings, Oshawa Ont. 1978Elton John, Solo tour, { No glasses}Toronto, 1979Mick Jagger & Ron Wood, Oshawa Ont. CNIB benefit concert,  April 22nd. 1979Eddie Van Halen, London, May, 1980David Bowie, Toronto, May, 1978Fleetwood Mac, Buffalo N.Y., may 1980Gene Simmons. Kiss, Dynasty Tour, Cincinnati, Sept. 1979Goddo, backstage shot 50,000 people, C.N.E. Stadium Toronto, July 2, 1979Guns N Roses, Axel Rose, Vancouver 2007Heart, Ann Wilson, Toledo Ohio, July 1978John Belushi, introducing the Rolling Stones, Oshawa Ont. April 22, 1979  C.N.I.B. concert {Just before his death}.John Fogerty, Minnesota, July 2012Kiss, Gene & Paul, Kelowna B.C. 2014Triumph, Mike Lavein & Gary sharing a moment back stage.   Toronto 1978Rush, Neil Peart drummer, Toronto December 1978Neil Young, Kelowna B.C. 2009Pat Benatar, Toronto 1980