Browse here Gary Sumner’s Fine Art Gallery of Snapthis Photography prints, including framed art prints from his very own Classic Rock, architecture and landmark buildings, panoramic skylines, cityscapes, waterfalls, wildlife, classic cars, black and white photographs. Gary’s collection here of fine art photography spans over his 45 year career. My vision, when presenting an image, is to invite the viewer into a moment in time that has touched them emotionally. Sometimes it’s great lighting, other times it’s the early morning mist hitting my face as I watch an owl fly by me and settle into a tree. These images provoke feelings of awe, of beauty, of wonder at how anything could be this magnificent! To that end, I fully utilize all the tools available to me: My Olympus Pro camera, current photo editing software and of course a large high definition computer monitor, First & foremost I am an artist in every sense of the word. As a painter would use reference photos, I use RAW images directly from the camera. And, just as a painter adds and subtracts with paint and a brush, I add and subtract with software editing tools. Maybe natural highlights need toning down; maybe light needs to be added to the shadows. For that, I make no apologies. The editing process allows me to convey the emotions that a moment invoked in me, in a way that an unedited, RAW image from the camera simply cannot. The process is both technical and artistic. When shooting in the field, I do everything in my power to capture tack-sharp, color-saturated, technically strong images. Experience and up-to-date equipment are imperative. Once captured, the artist in me takes over. Blending images, taking the best from each, this is the artistic element. In the end, I need my vision--my feelings--to be accurately represented in a digital file. Finally, the image needs to be presented. What medium best suits the feeling that has been created? Metal is always a possibility if the image has water, clouds and reflections. Perhaps, Fine Art paper. matted and framed is preferred. Canvas can be the perfect solution if the image has a painterly quality. Ultimately though, the beauty of any art form is that the emotions that an image, song, painting or poem, elicits in the observer IS, in fact, the power of the piece. I invite you to browse, dream, create and imagine with me. Choose your image, select your medium, and above all, enjoy the process. Gary Sumner’s prints are offered as signed and numbered limited edition prints framed in various styles to suit any home or office decor. Private collectors, interior designers, architects and corporate art collections have purchased and proudly display Gary’s photographs in their spaces. A selection of Gary’s high-resolution images are available for commercial use in editorial, display, and advertising campaigns, please do inquire.
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